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Skills Training Programs

Learn the SPECIFIC DETAILS of how to execute the fundamental skills in the most time-efficient and effective way.  Ongoing, weekly classes will train and reinforce these skills until they become HABIT.

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5-on-5 Full-Court League

Learn from our PROFESSIONAL coaches while competing hard for the Split Second Cup.  Watch your game grow week-to-week as your team is pushed by coaches and competition.

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Cobra’s team

The Cobra Program is Vancouver’s premiere basketball training providing top level coaches to mentor players, teach them the details of the game and the training they need to be THEIR best.





We give players the knowledge & reps to build COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE & CHARACTER


The Split Second System to DECONSTRUCTS, REBUILDS & REINFORCES superior habits


We have a great team of professional coaches who make it FUN to learn the RIGHT way.


In every training session and practice we:



  • Break down the fundamental skills and physical movements
  • Break down the mental game strategies and mindset
  • Disect, study and evaluate what really matters most
  • Demonstrate, exaggerate & contrast differences in bad, good & great technique


  • Teach the most time-efficient and effective techniques (the Split Second Habits)
  • Display the FUNdamental Banner Series to teach the most important details of the game
  • Display Quick Cues Series to promote instant recall of all crucial steps
  • Use Competition IQ & Character Keys to teach players winning mentality


  • Use fun drills, games and competitions
  • Recognize players who display the values and skills we promote
  • Create a fun, supportive and challenging environment
  • Use the FUNdamental Repetition Series so players get hundreds of repetitions in the most time-efficient way


Bruce Enns

Bruce Enns

Split Second Basketball is REAL basketball, and boy, do we need it. In our present culture which focuses on the spectacular aspects of individual athleticism, Eric and Joey are all about how to learn to play this wonderful game well together with your teammates.

These guys understand how players can grow as individuals and also they will teach your son or daughter how they must and can fit in with their teammates. Both guys have wealth of experience as players at very high levels and yet, as master teachers they realize that talent is God given, but skill can be taught and developed.

As teachers, both are knowledgeable and focused leaders and will help your child grow while enjoying the all round experience of learning to cooperate in a competitive environment.

Jerry Hemmings

Jerry Hemmings

In my 30 years of coaching, Joey Vickery from the neck up, was the most cerebral player I’ve ever coached.

If you ever get a chance to be coached by Joey, you’ve been coached by one of the most enthusiastic and talented players that ever played for me. Developing your skills and learning the game of basketball from Joey is a no miss opportunity. Parents will enjoy the very positive basketball learning experience that their children receive from Joey Vickery.

Raoul Korner

Raoul Korner

I have had the priviledge to coach Joey and Eric together for one season in Austria. They both stood for leadership, professionalism and unmatched passion for basketball. They lead our team on and off the court to the first ever title in club history and left a legacy until today.

Being a young coach at the beginning of my carreer back then, I have also learned a lot from their experience and I am very happy to see that young players today will have the unique opportunity to benefit from Joey’s and Eric’s knowledge of the game. They are leaders by example and know exactly what it takes to not only be a good basketball player, but also a great teammate and successful person.

Ken Shields

Ken Shields

My teams at University of Victoria played against Joey Vickery when he competed for Brandon University, and I had the great pleasure of coaching him when he played for Canada’s National Team. Joey was a great competitor, a great teammate and highly skilled. He also had a great understanding of the game.

His teammates loved to play with him. He was and is a man of high character, and was always a team leader.

Joey has now turned his attention to teaching others how to play the game of basketball. He understands the laws of learning and imparts his knowledge and expertise to young athletes who benefit greatly from their experiences with him. They will have fun and will grow as players, and as people, under the leadership of Joey and Split Second Basketball.

Howard Kelsey

Howard Kelsey

I have known Eric for the better part of 2 decades.  Eric, always a serious student of the game, has become one of the best coaches of technical skills in our region.

He has developed a unique program that is unlike anything else available in BC for youth basketball training. Because of his strong connections in the basketball community, Eric has always had first rate coaches in his program. With the addition of Joey Vickery, a legend in Canadian basketball, this program is a tremendous opportunity for local youth to learn to play the game the right way.

Scott Clark

Scott Clark

As a player Kevin (Pribilsky) was a very driven player. He competed at a very high level and was never outworked by anyone. His understanding of the game as a player allowed him to overcome any physical challenges he faced (being 6’0).  In my twenty plus years as a CIS head coach, Kevin Pribilsky was one of the  most dedicated players to improving his abilities which resulted in him becoming one of the best university level players in BC.  Now, as a coach, he is bringing that same dedication and drive to helping young players in his area reach their potential and beyond.  He is an excellent teacher of the game and has firsthand experience in how to best maximize one’s abilities on the basketball court.”

“Kevin used a strong work ethic while at Simon Fraser and Thompson Rivers University to develop himself into an Canada West starter and star.  I enjoyed having Kevin on my bench as an assistant coach and benefited from his insights during games and practices. Kids are lucky to have a coach with the level of passion Kevin has for the game. Kevin Pribilsky is a basketball guy, a guy that loves the game, He has the ability to teach skills and tactics but also observe and correct.  I encourage anyone looking to improve their skills to take advantage of this great program.