How to Finish at the Rim

My alarm would go off at 6am and it would take all my willpower not to turn it off. After all, if I skipped my workout, I could reset my alarm for 7:40 and still make it to school on time. Growing 8 inches during that time made sleep even more appealing than it is today!

For most of my final three years of high school, I managed to skip the urge to get that extra sleep and head into the Prince of Wales gym. Although I knew I needed to be in the gym and had the discipline to get myself there, I was almost clueless about WHAT I needed to work on. 

I’m sure my workouts were horrendous at the beginning….and still terrible even by the end of high school. I didn’t have any clue about what I should prioritize in my workouts, let alone the details of the skills I was trying to improve. Keep in mind this was the early 1990’s, before Youtube, Instagram….or even the internet. Back in those days you were lucky if you had a PE teacher who had played a little basketball in their youth to share a couple tips and tricks. Read more