The Problem is the Way You Think about the Problem

“The problem is never the problem… the problem is the way you think about the problem”.

Dan Sullivan

Life and Business Coach

What exactly does this mean and how does it help me in basketball?

I’ve come across countless players who get frustrated and disillusioned with the game because they aren’t seeing what their real problem is and aren’t properly training themselves as a result.


If you’re like most basketball players, you think your problem is getting, stronger, faster, more explosive (or perhaps taller). No matter how much you train, you always come across someone who is ahead of you in all these areas.

However, the truth of the matter is, your real problem ISN’T any of these things.


No, your real problem is that you need to be able to deliver the ball to where you want it to go, in a consistent, repeatable way, BEFORE the defender can stop you.

Let me repeat this because it is crucial…you need to learn how to deliver the ball to where you want before the defense can stop you. This is it….THIS IS YOUR REAL PROBLEM.

Unfortunately players lose sight of this and start concentrating on secondary problems. For example, they might think their problem is getting stronger and put a ton of effort into solving this problem. And even though being stronger can help them execute before the defence can stop them, these players haven’t solved the real issue.


You need to always keep in mind your real problem as you develop your game. It will keep you from being side tracked into

So how do you learn to execute before the defender can stop you? If you’re on our mailing list you already know how.

You know that you need to pay attention to the tiny little details of the game that allow you to execute a Split Second quicker. You need to pay attention to the fractions of a second in your game. You need to develop the unconscious little habits that make you more time-efficient than your competition.

All the details are on You are capable of learning every one of them. You just need to clarify in your mind what the real problem you face is and put your time and effort into solving this problem.