Schedule Policy

At Split Second Basketball, one of biggest priorities is providing great value for our community. Each term we determine the number of sessions for each program and when you register, we commit to you that we will provide that number of sessions. We occasionally need to shift our class dates, times or locations to accommodate our fantastic gym-rental partners, but we will always ensure that you get all the basketball you registered for.

We do our best to leave long weekends, school breaks and holidays free, but when we need to make up unexpected gym schedule changes we may need to program sessions in those periods. It doesn’t happen often, but if necessary, updates will be emailed out and program schedules will be available on our website.

Refund Policy

For all of our programs, there is a non-refundable registration fee of $25.

The remaining program fees that have been paid are refundable as follows:

For Summer 2020, up to two weeks prior to the start of camp, you can change to any future camp that has space at no charge

Full refund (less the registration fee) up to 2 weeks prior to first class/camp.

You will receive a 50% refund during the first 1/4 of any program (e.g. a player would receive a 50% refund before the 5th class of a 17 session program or a player would receive a 50% refund before the 2nd day of a camp) No refunds offered after 1/4 of program has finished.

Players providing a doctor’s note indicating an inability to participate in more than one third of a program due to injury may be eligible for credit applied to future programs. Please email if you have any questions.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, any player who can’t participate due to signs of symptoms or possible exposure must inform us. If you are given a clean bill of health, you may be able to join a later camp if space permits.