Joey Vickery

Deputy Program Director / Head Coach

  • Four-time CIS All-Canadian and two-time CIS MVP with Brandon University
  • 10-year Canadian National Team member…together with Steve Nash, Joey was one half  of Canada’s best ever back court
  • Hit 17 three-pointers in a professional league game in France
  • Seventeen year professional basketball career in Lithuania, Spain, France, Austria and Sweden…resulting in multiple championships and many MVP awards
  • Coached professionals and youth in Europe and Canada

Joey is one the best ever guards and arguably the best shooter Canada has ever produced. His incredible shooting release…[click here to read more] … and superior understanding of the game allowed Joey to enjoy an incredibly long and productive career playing basketball, despite being only 5’9″ tall. Joey’s game epitomizes what Split Second Basketball is all about: he developed habits that allow him to execute a fraction of a second ahead of the competition. As skilled a player as Joey was on the court, he is an even better coach and person.

Get to Know Your Coach

Q: Did you play other sports growing up? Were other sports important to your development as an athlete?

A: “I played, hockey, volleyball, football, soccer, baseball, golf, table tennis, tennis, racquet ball… anything! It is very helpful to play other sports. You use different muscles, tendons, movement and strategies.  It is also beneficial to play with many different kids. You learn to play along with them and be a good teammate or you won’t be as welcomed back to play again.”

Q: When did you get serious about basketball?

A: “Grade 7, playing for my school team, was the first time I got serious about basketball.”

Q: Who have been your biggest sports influences?

A: “My family, friends, teammates, coaches…and watching the NBA: Philidelphia 76’ers, Lakers and Celtics.”

Q: What values did you learn through sport that have been influential in your life?

“The most important thing I learned was to think of other people. I learned to be unselfish.”

Q: Who is your favourite player?

A: “Dr. J, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Maurice Cheeks, etc.. all the players on my three favourite teams.”

Q: What did the most to build your confidence as a player?

A: “Practice. Practice. Practice. And play against anyone.”

Q: What lesson are you most passionate about sharing with young players?

A: “I want to teach kids how to be a good team-mate. At Split Second, we train players to work on making everyone better on your team. Give your teammates confidence by saying good things and helping them if they are having a tough time. Do what your coach says and always operate at your best! Every practice and drill should be played with thought. Represent yourself well and you will make your family and coaches proud.”

Q: Favourite number/nicknames?

A: “Numbers: 4 and 7 (both family numbers). Nicknames: Vic, Weasel, Liquid.”

Q: What’s your best basketball memory?

A: “Too Many! I have amazing memories of winning championships and individual awards at every level I played, but some of the best were being the first Grade 11 student named to the All-Manitoba Team in high school. Being named an All-Star at the Canada Games as a Grade 12 player (the rest of the team were university players). Winning a silver medal at the World University Games. Playing in two World Championships. And of course, playing 10 years for Team Canada.”