Eric D’Andrea


  • Played Varsity Basketball at LV Rogers- Captain both years 
  • Played a year at Thompson Rivers University and four at Vancouver Island University (captain senior year at VIU) 
  • Apart of BC Basketballs team of the year and national championship team with VIU 
  • Head coach of various schools on Vancouver Island 

Get to Know Your Coach

Q: Did you play other sports growing up? Were other sports important to your development as an athlete?

A: “I played as many sports as a I could as a kid, but the ones that took most of my time were basketball, volleyball, soccer and golf. The volleyball and soccer were great cross-training for me as it improved my footwork and helped me become a two foot jumper. But overall I found that all these activities were a great way for me to learn how to compete individually and as a teammate.”

Q: When did you get serious about basketball?

A: “Not till quite late, around Grade 10 or so.”

Q: Who have been your biggest sports influences?

A: “For myself I wouldn’t be anywhere without my parents Loni and Blair. They would never say no to me when it came to me trying to pursue multiple sports. Wether it be driving 6 hours for a tournament or my Dad opening up the gym at his school to allow my teammates and I to practice during the summers. I am forever grateful to them for that. As for the coaches I’ve had over the years, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have become the player, person, or teammate I did without them: Blair D’Andrea, Ross Naka, Scott Clark, Matt Kuzminski, Scott Marr, Djimith Ndiaye and Avneet Brar. Again very grateful to all of them for helping me grow over the years on and off the Basketball court”

Q: What values did you learn through sport that have been influential in your life?

A: “Sport has taught me far to many things and values to count. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. But Ive been incredibly lucky to have had coaches and teammates who took the time to help me not only develop in sport but in life and as a person. If I am able to choses somethings that Ive learned over the years and am able to pass them on to our Split Second players they would be; how to be a great teammate, putting the we of the group before the me of the group, mental toughness, preparing with a purpose and how to enjoy the process of getting better at a game we can always keep improving in.”

Q: Who is your favourite player?

A: “Brandon Roy”

Q: What did the most to build your confidence as a player?

A: “Having teammates and coaches push me to get into the gym and work on my game during the off season on and off the court. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to improve and build confidence but having teammates and coaches who were willing to sacrafice their free time to help me improve made the idea of being a more confident player become a reality.”

Q: What lesson are you most passionate about sharing with young players?

A: “It takes a lot of things to become a good player and teammate. A lot of these things when it comes to skill and player development take a lot of dedication and hard work, but enjoying the process of improving is a big and enjoyable part of the journey. Id also like to share the value of being a great teammate on and off the court. The one for all and all for one mentality can be very contagious and I would like to help express the importance and value of that mentality  to our Split Second players. Both development as a player and teammate go hand and hand, both take a long time and wont happen right away, but the pay off of hard work and dedication are well worth the work.”

Q: Favourite number/nicknames?

A: “I didn’t ever really mind the number I wore, but throughout my career I wore 11 and 20. As for nicknames, most of my teammates and coaches called me “E”.”

Q: What’s your best basketball memory?
A” There are so many its hard to choose, but if I had to choose it would be winning a National Championship with VIU in 2013. Just before the national tournament that year my father passed away, and the whole time I was away with family my teammates and coaches were beyond supportive and wanted me to come attend the national tournament with them in Montreal. I decided to go with the team to the tournament and the experience was unforgettable. I was so proud of that group fighting through adversity all year and they were able to help me through the toughest time in my life and through all of that still win a National Championship, those teammates and coaches will be friends for the rest of my life.”