Ben Dove: Basketball Coach

Ben Dove


  • Captain of high school basketball team in Grade 11 and 12 (Winnipeg Secondary School Association graduating All-Star)
  • UBC varsity rower for 5 years (National Champions in 2005, Team Captain 2006-2007)
  • Member of the Canadian National Rowing team, competing in the World University Games and Commonwealth Regatta
  • Seven years of youth basketball coaching experience

Get to Know Your Coach

Q: Did you play other sports growing up? Were other sports important to your development as an athlete?

A: “I have always played every sport possible, whenever possible. Growing up I played basketball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, softball, baseball, as well as competing in individual sports like triathlon and cycling. Being a multisport athlete was and still is important to me, as it helps me develop athletic skills and coordination, as well as sport IQ.”

Q: When did you get serious about basketball?

A: “At 26, after retiring from rowing. Better late than never?”

Q: Who have been your biggest sports influences?

A: “My high school coach in my grade 12 year, one of my teammate and close friends from UBC rowing and my older sister.”

Q: What values did you learn through sport that have been influential in your life?

A: “Sports have taught me how to work in a team environment, how to overcome obstacles, and how to drive myself further than I would have thought possible. Sports have also taught me that success is earned by those who work hard, and that failure is just a matter of perspective.”

Q: Who is your favourite player?

A: “Kevin Garnett.”

Q: What did the most to build your confidence as a player?

A: “The support of teammates has helped a lot. Also, gaining more experience in game situations.”

Q: What lesson are you most passionate about sharing with young players?

A: “Effort and attitude are the keys to success: always commit 100% of your effort to whatever you do, whether it be school, practice, tryout, or a game. Be open to advice from others: every moment offers an opportunity to learn something new…and, never forget to have FUN!”

Q: Favourite number/nicknames?

A: “#20”